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Your Flourishing Life
Are you ready to live life to the fullest with a vibrant mind, body and spirit? A Flourishing Life is awaiting you as you “bloom” according to your life’s purpose and follow your heart’s desires. Let go of your limiting beliefs and begin flourishing today with my resources and programs. Read More

Your Flourishing Faith
A Flourishing Faith is the foundation for a joyful, soul-driven life. It’s where you find clarity of purpose, affirmation of worth and a great big vision for your future. The more intimate your walk with God is, the more you can live with focus and ease, knowing that you are leading the life you were created to live.  Read More

Your Flourishing Career
A Flourishing Career encompasses much more than sharp skills and productivity. To truly love your career, it must align with your life purpose and use your unique gifts, values and personality traits as you serve others. You will find less stress and higher self-fulfillment as you reach your highest potential.   Read More


Susan is a sought-after speaker, dedicated to inspiring and equipping others with the motivation and tools to acknowledge their unique value, live according to their life’s purpose and lead from the inside out so they can reach their highest potential.  Read More